CrushOn AI Review


Very Good
Author: Kelly Allen
Our verdict: CrushOn AI is a unique AI chat app designed for NSFW interactions, offering extensive character customization and multi-language support. While excellent for explicit content and roleplay, it lacks emotional depth and can generate repetitive responses. Best for users interested in entertainment rather than genuine companionship.

CrushOn AI is an AI chat app that allows users to engage in uncensored and NSFW conversations with virtual AI characters. This platform is specially designed for 18+ users providing a realistic dating experience where users can explore unrestricted content and explore their wildest fantasies and desires without any limitations. CrushOn AI also allows users to create their own personalized characters from scratch where users can customize the personality, character description, tags, gender, etc. This tool understands changes in users’ preferences and allows them to explore and chat with different virtual partners at once effortlessly. The CrushOn AI app is available on both iOS and Android devices and can even be accessed by users through its website. 

Key Features of CrushOn AI 

  • Variety of Character options: CrushOn AI offers a wide range of character options in numerous categories such as Anime, Furry, Celebrity, MILF, Dominant, Action, Movie, etc for the users to choose from. 
  • Multiple languages available: This platform can be accessed by users in 14 languages: English, Hindi, Italian, Arabic, German, Spanish, Filipino, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian. 
  • User-Friendly: The interface of CrushOn AI is extremely simple and easy to use, users don’t require any technical knowledge to access the chatbot.
  • Customization choices: This tool allows users to craft their own personalized AI character on the platform by customizing its personality, tags, name, introduction, etc  

Hands-On Testing Insights

We performed hands-on testing on CrushOn AI to understand the functionality and capabilities of this AI NSFW chatbot at a deeper level. We engaged in a text-based conversation with a virtual AI character and found the responses generated by the character to be quite engaging, fun, and interactive. 

However, the capability to generate natural responses can be highly limited in CrushOn AI. This platform is not a suitable option for those users who are seeking companionship and emotional support. Instead, it majorly focuses on explicit and intimate conversations. We will rate this below Candy AI and PromptChan AI which had better real like response from their fine tune LLM models.

We created a custom character on the platform to understand the character generation process. 

The platform offered decent customization options as users could pick out their desired character name, introduction, gender, tags, pick out character photos in different formats, etc. The best part was that users could select whether they wanted to keep their generated bot private, public, or even unlisted based on their preferences. Apart from this, it also allowed users to add an example conversation to specify the behavior of the character. Overall, we found CrushOn AI a good platform for explicit storytelling and roleplaying with AI characters. 

Pros and Cons of CrushOn AI


  • Character options: This platform offers extensive character options in a variety of different and unique tags that can be accessed by users. 
  • Easy to use: CrushOn AI contains a simple interface that can be easily accessed by beginners and experts without facing any difficulty. 
  • Free plan available: CrushOn AI is available for free use with a limit of 100 messages per month, along with the ability to create custom characters and access community characters. 


  • Limited interactions: CrushOn AI only allows users to interact with an AI character through text messages and doesn’t offer any audio message or photo request feature. 
  • Not for Emotional Support: The AI characters available on CrushOn AI are not meant to provide any emotional or moral support. 
  • AI Limitations: The platform’s ability to generate engaging and interactive responses can be quite limited at times as it can often lead to repetitive responses. 

Pricing Overview

CrushOn AI offers a free plan that allows 100 messages per month along with the capability to create custom characters and access community characters. To access more messages and advanced features, users have to subscribe to its premium plan which is mentioned below: 

  • Standard Plan: This plan is perfect for new users or casual users. It is currently available for $5.99/month with access to 2000 messages per month along with a custom character creation feature, access to community characters, and dedicated chat capacity with basic priority. 
  • Premium Plan: The “most popular” plan of CrushOn AI is available at a price of $14.99/month providing access to 6000 messages per month. It also offers access to various advanced features such as Good Memory, Custom character creation, Access to community characters, and Dedicated chat capacity with basic priority. 
  • Deluxe Plan: This plan is available for $49.9/month with unlimited messaging capability. This plan offers all the advanced features such as Memory size adjustment, Maximum memory, Access to community characters, AI message length adjustment, Custom character creation, Chat capacity, and enhanced immersion mode. 

Our Verdict and Recommendations

CrushOn AI is a decent AI platform where users can explore their fantasies and desires by engaging in conversations with NSFW AI characters. This platform is excellent for entertainment purposes where users can have fun and enjoy creating custom characters and exploring various unique storylines and scenarios. However, CrushOn is not a suitable platform for anyone who is seeking any emotional connection or wants to have a natural conversation about their feelings. We would recommend switching to a different AI chatbot like Replika or any other platform for companionship and deep conversations. 

CrushOn AI Review
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